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Dave and Trish are body transformation, athletic conditioning specialists and sports nutritionists.

Dave is a dad of a two young boys, former British Soldier of 9 years. He has an extensive event portfolio completing Iron-mans, numerous ultra-marathons and 24 hour obstacle races in Australia and across the globe, as well as staying in shape all year round.

Trish is a WFF Miss Universe and pro athlete with an extensive background in competing. She specialises in teaching men and women how to stay lean and healthy all year round, WITHOUT needing to ever compete or step on stage.

Together Dave and Trish have coached and motivated thousands of men and women to change their lives, achieve their best shape ever and actually start loving working out and eating healthy.


Build a firm, shapely body you can keep all year round


Build a lean, muscular body you can keep all year round

Nick Scudds's Story

No one can underestimate the way you feel when you fuel yourself with great foods, train hard and have those endorphins kicking around when you achieve small goals along your journey. Training in a controlled and supporting environment with other people is not something I thought I would enjoy as much as I have, so I cannot recommend training with AB Factory more.

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