Tracee Arnup: "Celebrate the invisible successes too"

Six years ago, Tracee's hair was brittle and her eyesight was weak due to poor nutrition

It's quite easy to get caught up on how far you have to go, instead of stopping and celebrating the small wins along the way. 

I'm the first person to fixate on how far I have to go still. I'm guilty of wanting the results now. I'm always expecting more of myself.

That's why it's important to celebrate the little invisible success along the way.

All my life I've had shitty thin hair that would break off when it got any longer than the top of my shoulders. I've had quite strong reading glasses for about 6 years now too.

Fast forward a few years on this program and my hair is, well yes still thin however it's healthy and I can grow it past my shoulders without it breaking and my glasses have come down in strength. That's a win in my books :)

Tracee has been steadily improving her nutrition over the years - and it's been worth it

Tracee’s #1 Tip for staying on track:

Still one of the most confronting but rewarding tasks to complete, even after 4 years – the “kitchen purge and pillage”. 

I'm very disciplined and have created some great habits over the past years. However I'm still human, and I can't afford to have any temptations staring me in the face. 

Out they go coz this girl has goals 💪

Tracee xoxo

PS: You can read more about Tracee here

Before and after Tracee recently purged her pantry of temptation and unwanted items - making it easier to stay on track with her nutrition

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