Teresa Walkinshaw: Overcoming vulnerability

When thinking about vulnerability, one of the first words that comes to my mind is “shame”.

Vulnerability doesn’t have the best reputation. There is this common belief that “being vulnerable” leads inevitably to shame, and that shame will then lead to the kind of emotions nobody really wants to experience (feeling powerless, unworthy, flawed, scared, judged etc).

But by being vulnerable and opening up, I’ve also learned that nobody is perfect. I’ve learned that it’s okay to make mistakes and that there is no need to put so much pressure on myself anymore. 

The woman that doesn't age: Teresa found her best results when she was willing to open up and be vulnerable

For years I thought I was the only one in the trenches suffering. Years of restricting food groups, counting calories, prescription diet pills (doctor-hopping), laxative abuse and the crazy amount of exercise I used to do all took their toll on me. 

But there are so many others out there who have experienced the same struggles. I didn't know I wasn't alone.

Teresa at 19 years old - stunningly beautiful and desperately unhappy

Back then, I thought these things were the answers I was searching for, telling myself I wasn’t good enough, I could do better, chasing perfection. 

I’m proud that I’ve shifted my mindset, and I started taking back some power the moment I began treating my body well.  I started eating to fuel it, training to get strong and appreciating and being grateful for what my body could do.

Simple but delicious: An example of Teresa's food prep

My top 5x tips for anyone suffering like I was when I was younger:

  1. Find your “why”. It will help you do the things that need to be done, even on the days you’re not motivated.
  2. There are no mistakes, just learning!
  3. Be patient - stop searching for quick fixes. If you want to keep the result, it needs to be a lifestyle.
  4. Be vulnerable because you will have a clear understanding of who you are as a person. You’ll have flaws, but you’re still beautiful. 
  5. And finally, find yourself a great coach, someone you look up to that you trust 🥰

It’s not easy. But it’s damn worth it 🙌🏻

Teresa xoxo

PS: You can read more about Teresa here. 

Find something you love and you'll never grow old - Teresa's favourite cardio is Ubound (high intensity mini-trampoline class)

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