Stop Trying So Hard!

If you're getting frustrated that you're not getting anywhere, maybe it's because you need to try less.

Surprised? Well don't be. Trying less is the key to sustainability and consistency. 

Do you have a habit of short-circuiting your results within the first few weeks of your program by trying too hard? 

For example...

❎ Trying to go from 0 exercise to 5-6 days a week;
❎ Trying to go from consuming 1-2 meals a day straight to eating 5-6 (because apparently you won't get results if you're not eating 6x meals a day);
❎ Trying to drink 2-3 litres of water a day and go cold turkey on the soft drink; or
❎ Trying to cut out alcohol, no more ice cream, no more burgers, that's it no more fun! 

I'm not saying that ice cream, alcohol and burgers are good for you. They're not. However, we need to establish some common sense. These are the things you have enjoyed and had some emotional attachment to for a long time. You're not going to successfully put a stop to all of them in one go. This will only make your success impossible. 

Here's the thing. Fitting your body into a size 16 dress is a very different goal to achieving 5% body fat. For various reasons (many habitual), the food you eat will be very different, and to a certain extent the exercise type and amount will be different too. You need to adjust your plan in small increments along the way to match the goal.

The key to ongoing success is not going cold turkey or all-out extreme. All you need to do is know your next plan of action in your journey. Big changes can equal big failures, but small changes equal big results. We need to prepare for the changes and not do them on impulse. We need to be ready for them. 

Do you really need to stop the one or two beers on a Saturday night with the boys when your waist measurements were down again this week? Or are you lumping too much pressure on yourself too soon? 

I'm not telling you to drink beer with your mates. But I AM telling you to be realistic about what is achievable in the beginning, and what will probably make you resent the process early on and quit.

If you are already getting results, then why take it out just yet?

Why continually put yourself in a position of resentment when you don't have to?

Here's what I mean...

❓How do you know if 2 days of exercise a week will be all you need to lose the 10cm off your waist? 

❎ Currently, you're busting your ass trying to sustain and carryout 5-6 days, when 2x weeks ago you weren't doing any...

❓How do you know if 3 good meals a days will be enough for you to lose the one dress size you have been pining for?

❎Currently, you have been trying to stuff 5-6 meals in a day, even though you were barely managing 1-2 a day a week ago...

The answers to those questions is, you don't really know yet, do you? 

Each year, you should get a little better at answering these questions...

✔️What exercise works for you or how much?
✔️What types of foods work for you?
✔️What do I have to work hard at, right now? And
✔️What can I actually get away with so I can still get results and enjoy life?

If you don't feel you are making progress with these questions, then it's back to the drawing board.  Don't go straight from zero to #100. Start at zero, and then move to #1. 

The result you’re after comes from a sustained work ethic over a long period of time. When you finally arrive at a result you’re happy with, it’s only going to stay around if you can apply the same ongoing effort day after day, week after week. 

Dave :)

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