"Some things just don't add up!"

✅ You’ve just completed a 12 week exercise and nutrition program;
✅ You were very consistent, worked your butt off and gave it 100%;
✅ You made many sacrifices and did everything that was asked. 
But you didn’t get the results you were looking for.

What gives?

Imagine for a moment that you're a 41 year-old female.

That means you have been alive for exactly 2,132 weeks.
1x 12 week program (for example) = 12 weeks
12 weeks out of 2,132 = 0.5% of your life

A bit depressing, yes, but are you really surprised that you didn't get the result you wanted after only working hard for 0.5% of your life?

But you're 41 years old. Do you...

A. Give up, and go back to whatever you were doing before; or
B. Keep going, and work on slowly increasing that tiny little percentage day by day?

Amy has been working hard on her health for the past 6 years.

That means so far she has been working had for exactly 312 weeks.
26x 12 week programs = 312 weeks
312 weeks out of 2,132 = 14.63%
Amy completing the Ultra-Trail 50k in May 2016

As you can see from Amy's photos, you don't need a huge percentage to get a huge result. But you DO need to be consistent.

Well done Amy!

PS: You can read more about Amy here

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