Shane Kelton: "You can never give your best if you're not your best."

Congratulations Shane for completing another photo-shoot challenge with us!

Tell us, what was the best part of this journey?

The photoshoot as a celebration was something I really enjoyed because I knew how far I had let myself go in the previous summer.

What was the biggest habit holding you back? And have you conquered it completely yet, or still working on it?

Sleep was a major problem at the start of the year. I was sleeping on the couch watching sport until all hours of the morning, and even if I fell asleep early- the sleep was a shit one due to being on the couch.

It's something I am very comfortable with now. I get a minimum of 7 hours each night now, and more often than not I will get 8-10, and I make sure on my days off I get a little bit extra to keep on top of it. It's super important for my mental health to be getting this right, so as much as I am in control right now, I need to keep working on it so it doesn't slip back.

Shane used the photo-shoot as a way of staying on track during a tough time in his life

What did you struggle with the most on this journey, and how did you overcome it?

My biggest struggle was knowing how much pain my brother was in due to a previous workplace incident, and how stressed my mum was because of it. I didn't know how I could help them. I overcame this by understanding that I needed to set the example and look after me, as that was the only way I could help them properly.

You can never give someone your best, if you're not at your best. So to work on me, allowed me to help them more.

Shane was able to keep training and put some size on his legs despite suffering from several injuries and setbacks

What did you find the easiest?

The training actually, I enjoyed every minute of it and only missed 3 sessions in 6 months despite a few injuries and a busy schedule. It made me feel amazing and accomplished.

Favourite motivational quote:

"Don't let your past dictate the future."

In bullet point form, list 3 ingredients that you feel are vital to a successful transformation?

  1. Food Prep;
  2. Cooking food that you enjoy eating- add love to your food otherwise you'll end up going off the plan a lot and it'll be worth nothing; and
  3. Keep it simple!

Shane has so much food prepared he needs to transport it with a washing basket!

What did you learn from this experience?

I learnt that in order for others to grow around me, I needed to set the example. When I started to set the example, those who didn't want to grow disappeared from my life slowly and started making excuses and those that wanted to grow where drawn to me and grew with me, which allowed me to have successful people around me which helped.

Tell us something about yourself?

I have had severe nerve pain through my arm/shoulder through the last 8 months and it is ongoing. Some days I would wake up and couldn't feel my hand and now I have it in both legs, and this includes burning feet some days where I struggle to walk.

It is a nightmare when you have a session planned to train but the fact is, I could still train. I just needed to alter the session to suit on the day sometimes depending on what was happening.

Be honest with yourself, be honest with your coaches and help yourself, so others are able to help you.

Shane :)

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