Sarah Woodcock: "I learnt so much about myself."

"A year ago I met Trish and I said I wanted to compete again."  

Her words were “Yep but I want a whole year of data on you or I can’t help you.”

For some people they would have turned and continued walking, but for me I knew I had found the perfect coach. You see anyone can stand on a stage and look pretty but it takes real dedication to commit to such a challenge. 

I knew that with Trish I was not only getting a world champion but I was getting a professional that actually cared about me and what I was doing to my body.

12 months of hard work has paid off for Sarah

Training with Trish has sent me on a journey that has tested every limit there possibly is. She never sugar coats anything, she tells you how it is and for this I have learnt things about myself I never knew even at 43 years old

I am so proud to have come so far with such an amazing team. I thank you Trish from the bottom of my heart for all your help and support with every detail that has led me to stage.

For me now it’s straight back into it tomorrow to keep bringing the best out and my journey will continue.

2020 is gunna be big. :)

Sarah xoxo

PS: You can read more about Sarah here

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