Samantha O'Reilly: "Set the example."

"I've been active my whole life, quite athletic and rarely had any issues with my health and fitness."

Looking back, if I wanted to improve the way I looked and felt, tiny tweaks to my food or exercise was all it took. 

It wasn't until after I started having a family that I realised fat loss wasn't as easy as it used to be. It was becoming harder to improve my fitness, and harder to lose the kilos I gained while pregnant.

After having gained 20kg while pregnant with my second child, I was extremely eager to have my body back as quickly as possible. Unlike after my first pregnancy, this time I forced myself to take recovery slow and deliberate. 

Six months of hard work has paid off for Sam

Since then, although I'm not quite back to my pre-baby size, my strength, fitness and health is well above what it used to be before I fell pregnant.

I will admit that I became extremely worried at times when things weren't progressing as fast as I wanted them to, but regardless, I couldn't have hoped for better results to date because I am ticking off fitness goals I set years ago.

Behind the scenes at Sam's recent photo-shoot to celebrate her journey

Too many women hate their body and punish it through exercise and diet. Even more so after kids and feeling trapped because their lives now belong to someone else.

Love yourself, love your body and take care of it. Set the example to your children.

Sam xoxo

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