How Rachel stays on track while on holiday

Rachel has been food prepping from her hotel room while on holiday with her family

Family holiday time to Gold Coast for 4 nights for my husband's Nana's 90th on Saturday!

How I’ve planned and gone about going away amazes me how much this is so normal for me now. My first plan was to make sure we had an apartment with a kitchen not too far from a supermarket.

Yesterday I packed my esky with some meals for the day and took them on the flight as I knew I wouldn’t be able to organise anything until late. We were up at 4am, I’m so happy I did!

Rachel packed her esky for the flight to the Gold Coast

We arrived early and the kids fell asleep in the car from the airport so I went to woolies to shop while they had a nap.

Last night after an arvo of water-slide action, once we had settled in the apartment I started to chop and roast veggies. This took a lot longer then usual, blunt knife and only 1 tray in the oven. 

The size of the frypan was so small the oven was my best option. I also love roasting my veg so win!...I knew I had to just get it done!

The results of Rachel's shop n chop

When I woke up this morning I was so thankful I made the effort last night all the veg for the next few days ready to go. I don’t have to worry or think about it at all, I just have to add the protein!

This will help so much as we have a few action-packed days ahead of us!!

I’ve planned for a couple of meals out while we are away, but I know the stuff I do for the majority of my time away matters, so I can stay on track towards my goals without bingeing while we are away. And then I also won’t crave stuff when we get back because I've had to much off the plan while away and undo all my hard work, while I’ll still have a great time! 😉

Also I’d be one very Hangry tired grumpy lady if I wasn’t prepared 😆🤣😋

Seaworld today, the kids are gonna be so excited!

Rach xoxo

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Sneaking my lunch into SeaWorld #ZFG and saved myself about $20 😁

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