Rachel Oliver: "I was determined to stop the cycle."

Congratulations Rachel for completing your first photo-shoot challenge with us!

What was the best part of this journey?

Learning so much about myself.  Also the reasons behind our habits, why we do what we do.  Meeting new people, all so inspiring and having such supportive and motivating people around me.

What was the biggest habit holding you back? And have you conquered it completely yet, or still working on it?

Poor sleeping patterns!

Having 2 young boys, 3 and 1, especially early on in the year I was woken often in the night.  I didn’t have control over this as was breastfeeding my youngest at night.  This then caused tiredness and cravings etc. I would ensure I got to bed early when I could to get as much sleep as possible, as we’re always up at about 6am to start our day. I still get to bed early now!

The last few months my youngest has been sleeping through and occasionally the boys wake up in the night, but this extra sleep has made a huge difference to my habits and transformation over that time.  

Whenever I got a few nights of better sleep quality I could feel my body changing!! 

Rach has lost an impressive 30kg by making small consistent changes
What did you struggle with the most on this journey?

Putting myself first and knowing that what I’m doing is for the long-term health of my family. Making sacrifices that at the time felt big but looking back, they were small things that don’t even matter anymore.  

Now I’m constantly influencing my family with better choices. I know I’m a great role model for my kids through my actions, slowly their habits are changing also.

What did you find the easiest?

Making small changes overtime that ended in big results as I was being given the right information at the right time. I didn’t feel like I was overhauling everything at once in my life.

Rachel getting one of her workouts done at the Ab Factory

Favourite motivational quote:

“There are no limits to what you can accomplish. Accept the limits you place on your own thinking.”

What advice would you give to someone who resonates with your story and might be struggling?

You don’t need to be perfect, just consistent.  Keep moving forward. Surround yourself with people who motivate and inspire you!

In bullet point form, list 3 ingredients that you feel are vital to a successful transformation?

  1. A coach who supports you and keeps you accountable.
  2. A goal, clear vision of what you want to achieve.
  3. A strong reason why and the willingness to trust the process.
Rach used her favourite pre-kids party dress as motivation to reach her goals

What did you learn from this experience?

Once I truly committed to changing my lifestyle, with the help of my coaches, addressing habits, not just applying bits and pieces but embracing everything, that’s when I truly started to understand and things got easier and good things followed... I’ve learned to change my habits to live a better life.  To always listen to my body, that stress and lack of sleep really affect how you function and feel.

Setting a goal and having a vision on what you want to look like is important to push you on those tough weeks. This program has given me the knowledge and tools to stop the obesity cycle in my family and future generations and how to enjoy living a healthy life. Life is easier and I feel better than ever!

Rachel's fridge is always filled with delicious, healthy meals for her family

Tell us something about yourself?

I’ve watched my mum struggle all of my life with her own weight and I see the constant battle she goes through. I don’t want my kids to watch me go through the same. I want to feel amazing, have endless energy to keep up with my kids, be healthy and strong and I want to be a perfect role model for my kids so they grow up the same!

Many members of my family are overweight and I will stop the cycle of obesity in my family and be an inspiration to them and show them you can change your lifestyle, not to just put it in the too hard basket. 

I will give my kids a happy healthy future by showing them through my example so it’s just their normal everyday life!

Rach xoxo

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