Rachel Gedye: "Your bottom line defines your success."

Congratulations Rach for completing another photo-shoot challenge with us!

Tell us, what was the best part of this journey?

A lot of people have told me that each program gets easier... for me, it's like each one got harder. That was because I realised there were a lot of things I wasn't good at, I wasn't perfect like I try and present myself as. This has been the best part of my journey. Understanding that I will never be perfect and I will always need to strive to be better to accomplish my end goal. 

What was the biggest habit holding you back? And have you conquered it completely yet, or still working on it?

My cornerstone habit: Allowing those closest to me cloud my judgement, allowing others to get in my ear. Toxic people and relationships were holding me back. But also myself. Trying to please everyone and spreading myself thin. This is still a habit I am working on.

Rach has been busy building a firm and shapely body

What did you struggle with the most on this journey, and how did you overcome it?

Staying compliant when emotions hit hard. Not allowing my emotions to dictate my actions - which they did - but to think of the bigger picture and also the thought of a photo shoot. 

I went back to my dream board and reassessed my goals and started focusing on the things I wasn't good at. The number 1 being data collection.

What did you find the easiest on this journey?

Finding the people that support me 100%. Trish and Dave telling me to get with the program, literally! But also my amazing boyfriend. 

A change of scenery, getting out of the current environment I was in and finding a job I was proud of. Being completely independent now is the best thing I've ever done. 

Container life - Rach getting one of her meals in

Favourite motivational quote:

“What you do at your bottom line ultimately defines and fast tracks your success.” Thanks to the courtesy of Dave Oulton!

What advice would you give to someone who resonates with your story and might be struggling?

I'll give advice but I need to swallow my words as well. Why give so many f*cks??!! What other people say or think does not matter. They're not the ones with YOUR goal. You wouldn't bring them down with what they want to achieve, so why should they do that to you. 

Hold your head high and just do it!

In bullet point form, list 3 ingredients that you feel are vital to a successful transformation?

  1. Data collection;
  2. Less stress, less toxicity; and
  3. A clear goal and blackmail. 

Rach having a fun workout with Dave hehe

Tell us something about yourself?

As previously mentioned, I've struggled the most with pleasing people and getting out of toxic environments that I've been used to my whole life. 

It's hard to break a habit that you've lived with most of your life, mine being pleasing people and wanting everyone to love me and approve of what I'm doing. 

If I did that I wouldn't achieve anything that I wanted. 2019 will be a year of giving less f*cks. Explaining less to people as to why they need to accept what I'm doing. To create happier and healthier relationships. And to achieve the body of my dreams.


Rach xoxo

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