Rachel Gedye: "I stopped seeking approval."

"My whole life, I've had insecurity issues and wanted everyone's approval."

I've always been told that I'm genuine and mature for my age, but that one person that didn't like me always got to me... I've always been a people-pleaser. I've always wanted to keep the peace and always been very in tune with other people's emotions.

I wanted to be that "special person" for everyone. I wanted to be the best at everything and always set high expectations for myself.

This is why I failed. Because I could never be perfect. 

I could never be the best at everything. And this affected a lot of my relationships with people and my ability to strive in areas I thought people wanted me to be in.

(Eight months of hard work has paid off for Rach)

Through my fitness journey and becoming a Personal Trainer, it has taught me a lot about people. I see a lot of myself in the people that I coach. I couldn't believe it - people should not be feeling this way.

I snapped out of the mindset I had created and decided to be the best version I could be. I stopped focusing on what everyone else wanted me to be or told me I should, and did what I wanted to do. I stopped fixating on what social media displayed every two seconds (to eat less) and started eating more and trained like a beast in the gym.  

I listened to Trish and Dave and finally stopped doubting every decision I made. 

(Behind the scenes at Rachel's recent photo-shoot to celebrate her journey)

I trusted the process and accepted that your ideal body isn't created in 2-3 months, it takes years! And that’s ok.

I've learnt to love myself, I accept myself for who I am. I want to be the best version of Rach that I can be.

I'm Rach, and this is me. :)

Rach xoxo

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