"Rach, when are you going back to eating like normal again?"

I’m probably not going to cover myself in glory here, but a lot of my clients have a very different life to when they started with us. 

I make them change their behaviour, sometimes their job and they also eliminate toxic people and relationships. It can be quite a confronting process. Basically, they signed up thinking they were going to receive a meal plan and an exercise program and what they really got was a slap in the face and a reality check. lol

Millions of people are hanging on to dear life trying to adhere to a piece of paper or a PDF plan that tells you to eat XY and Z, cutting out food groups, eating at certain times, eat nothing at all blah blah blah.

I can tell you now this isn’t the root of the problem. The stats tell us this. We’re getting fatter, sicker and more depressed and yet there are more gyms, PTs, Facebook coaches, the list goes on.

You see, the relationships you have, the people you hang around with, the environment you set yourself up with at home and at work plays a much bigger role than what you put into your mouth. If you retrace the steps to your actions, these are usually the main reasons why you put food in your mouth in the first place.

It can make things immensely tough and time consuming changing these things, and I know it tests my clients to their limits. From experience though, it will take them a lot further and in a shorter space of time.

So, by the time they enter a certain part of your journey, they’ve changed, sacrificed, and replaced all of those things that were holding them back in the first place, one layer at a time. The fat is falling off their body and they start to think “I’ve come too far to go back now. What I have is worth keeping. It’s worth fighting for”.

Let me put it another way. If you looked in your bank account and you saw that you had a measly $20 because you’re crap at saving, you’re more likely to spend it than to save it. Now if you had busted your ass at work, made a few sacrifices and saved a hefty $5,000, you’re more likely to keep building on it. Why? Because now you have something keeping. That $5k looks handsome, you’ve worked damn hard to get it and you love looking at it every day on your smart phone app. You have a sense of achievement and self-satisfaction.

You see, all of those people going through diet after diet, meal plan after meal plan losing a kg here and a belt loop there, haven’t achieved anything worth keeping yet. Which is why they keep losing the result and not saving it. 

30 kgs gone, and never to return

The minimum term to work with myself and Trish is 12 months. Rach is a busy mum of 2 children and has gotten rid of 30kg of fat in that time. She has stopped the obesity trend in her family and she’s now a proper role model to her kids by showing them the way, rather than trying to tell them.

So, to answer the question “When is Rach going to go back to what she normally eats?”

Never. ;-)


PS: You can read more about Rachel here.

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