Nicole Serofim Biondo: "To achieve your dreams, you need the right mindset."

Recently, a group of qualified trainers completed the Ab Factory Ultimate Role Model Challenge. Not only did they put themselves in their clients' shoes and make themselves fully accountable to us, but their “big reveal” performances were also live-streamed directly into their Facebook community pages. This is their story.

Transformation Specialist: Nicole Serofim Biondo

Business Name: Empowered Fitness

I decided to do this Role Model Challenge to get out of my comfort zone.

I wanted to inspire mums in my community.

The message I wanted to get across in my Big Reveal, was that as a mum, I understand that time is precious. I know what it’s like to put others before yourself. However, it is just as important for us as mums to prioritize our health and fitness first. I truly believe that if we’re not functioning to our full potential as individuals, then nothing around us will.

My advice to my previous self from six months ago, would be to believe in myself. That I am worthy of creating a better version of me. I am worthy of being really happy within myself. I have the same fears of stepping out of my comfort zone just like my group of mumma's. I believe that if I don't step out, I will never grow as a person. Fear is a good thing to have. It just makes you want to achieve so much more.

Nicole stepped out of her comfort zone and went live inside her Facebook community page for her big reveal

This Role Model Challenge was a real-eye opener for me. I not only wanted to inspire other mums, I wanted to inspire myself, to grow and not be comfortable all the time. The fear of putting myself out there, fear of failure I believe is what got me through the last nine months of preparing.

Fear can be so immobilizing, however, I used this to challenge myself to be better than where I started 9 months ago. I still have a long way to go mentally, and I love that I get to work not just on my physical but my mindset too, because it allows me to deal with all facets of my behaviour and emotions. This is what I call a transformation! It’s not easy to achieve your dream body when you don't have the right mindset.

My message to other mummas who have put themselves last, STOP! You’re just as deserving as I am to look good, feel better and functioning better on a daily basis. The household will not collapse if you’re not there. However, it will, if you’re not functioning to your full potential. Use the fear of the unknown to challenge you, to better yourself and to grow not only as a mum but an individual. Have the desire to want something better for yourself and go for it! Don't let YOU get in the way of achieving that.

You have come such a long way, really proud of you Nicole ;)

Dave & Trish

PS: You can read more about Nicole here.

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