Motivation Monday: Christopher Dean


Transformation Time-Frame: 6 months

“I started training at Ab Factory in early 2014. 

My partner Amanda had already done her first twelve week program, which is one of the main reasons why I wanted to start my training. 

(Structured weight training and healthy eating has clearly had a big impact on Chris's physique)

Every week, Manda would come home from training excited by the fact that the weights she lifted had gone up and was now lifting close to or above her own body weight.

I have always been a relatively fit guy, I play basketball regularly, baseball during the winter season, surf and snowboard when I can. 

I have always had a weight bench at my house that I used "occasionally", nowadays it gets used more as a clothes rack than anything else. 

I have never really had the motivation to join a mainstream gym as there was no real motivating factor for me to go.

With Manda now lifting heavier and heavier weights, the thought ran through my mind that I couldn't let my girlfriend be tougher/stronger than me, so I thought I best do something about this!! So I signed up at the Ab Factory.

I had seen the way Dave trains people as he was Manda's soccer coach prior to us joining Ab Factory. He was tough but he was also fair. His training methods were very precise and strategic. I later learnt that he was ex-military, and you know what, that kind scared me a little.

Starting out, I realised just how strong I really wasn't. Lifting a 20kg bar in a squat was hard enough!! (Squats are something that I had never really done before!!) With the assistance of Dave and Trish, it all started to get easier and then the weight started to pile on (in a good way). 

Some of my goals I decided a few weeks into my program, one of which I may have pinched from one of my training buddies was to squat 100kgs, the other was to lift my own body weight on bench press. 

At the end of my twelve weeks, I’ve come close but not quite, but hey that leaves me something to aim for in my next twelve weeks!!

Who would have thought I’d be eating 5-6 meals a day and still progressing my way to the body every guy dreams of! Big arms, solid chest and rock hard abs, its not quite there yet but as you can see, it's well on its way!

A massive thanks to Dave and Trish for all their hard work keeping me focused and motivated, and creating the perfect environment to create ripped bodies and a great community."

Cheers Chris for sharing your story.

Bring on an even more epic photo shoot in November 2016! :-)

Dave & Trish

PS: You can read more about Chris by clicking here

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