Megan Casserly: "I thought I could do it all!"

Recently, a group of qualified Metabolic Precision Specialists completed the Ab Factory Ultimate Role Model Challenge. Not only did they put themselves in their clients' shoes and make themselves fully accountable to us, but their “big reveal” performances were also live-streamed in front of 10,000 members in the MP page. This is their story.

Transformation Specialist: Megan Casserly

Business Name: Fisique Body Transformations

Until this challenge, I had never completed a single 12 week MP program with 95% compliance 🎤

Every time I tried myself, I would always get to the half-way point and something would come up.

I’ve fallen pregnant halfway through a challenge once, suffered chronic fatigue, had wisdom teeth pulled and been sore and sorry with lower back injuries in several other programs.

I always entertained the thought of being coached by Trish and Dave so when the opportunity to commit to the Ultimate Role Model Challenge came up, I jumped at it.

Finally I could put myself in my clients’ shoes and find out what it’s really like to do a fat loss program all the way through because if I couldn’t do it, how can I expect my clients to?

I’ve learnt that it isn’t easy...

Megan wanted to inspire other mumma's with her journey

There have been many dark days were I’ve chucked tantrums, thought the whole process was stupid and told my partner Pete this isn’t for me...

🔥 Most of these days actually turned out to be fuel shifts.

😫Headaches, low energy levels, unbearable hunger pains.

But! If I hadn’t communicated with Trish to tell her how I was feeling on those days, she wouldn’t have been able to help me through those days. I even told her about the random sweet and sour sauce I could smell during a fuel shift 😂

Before this program I had no idea about fuel shifts and how bad those days can be.

Megan was the proud winner of the Female Trainer Transformation Champion Award at the MP Awards Gala on 24 November 2018

I can see how easily my own clients can give up on those days, so I hope this experience helps my clients and all my fellow mumma’s out there understand that to get the most from this program, you MUST consistently communicate with your coach.

💥 Metabolic Precision isn’t the type of program you can ‘just follow’. It looks different for everyone. Being accountable to a coach you wouldn’t dream of letting down is essential.

Check out Megan's big reveal video here

I did this to share my story about being a run down mumma who forgot to look after herself.

I thought I could do it all and I suffered for it, so I wanted to show mumma's that you need to put yourself first. You need to look after your health, energy levels and body composition to be able to be the best mumma you can be for your family.

This experience changed me in such a way I didn't know it would. It made me grow into the person I always wanted to be - confident in who I am, and never apologetic for who I am.

I am a better coach for it, mother, partner and friend. Never forgot about yourself as a mother because if you fall apart, the whole family falls apart. :)

Megan xoxo

PS: You can read more about Megan here.  

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