Lose 30kg without missing out!

You’ve totally smashed 2018 and you’re nervous about going backwards over the festive period.

It’s times like this where you really find out how much you have learnt, and what a real lifestyle change really means. You should be able to enjoy this time of year without worrying, and without having that fear of failure or starting the next year off in a negative way.

I call it the silly season because people do silly things.

They either:

  1. Try to diet over the holidays and abstain from all the delicious foods and drinks that we tend to enjoy this time of year (and usually offending a few relatives in the process); or  
  2. Let it go pear-shaped and fall off the wagon completely, and then adopt the “I’ll just start again in January” mentality.

A real lifestyle change is exactly what it says. It’s a change in behaviour. It’s a new mindset. It might mean having new relationships in your life and a new approach to food, as well as changing the situation you put yourself in when choosing what you’re going to eat.

When you really think about it, Christmas is only one day. It’s not really worth getting your knickers in a twist about it. However, as it is coupled with the summer period, it’s very easy to carry on what you started over the festive period and let it turn into a 6-8-week blowout. The reality is you can easily undo 6 months’ worth of work in that time and then spend the next 6 months just trying to claw your way back to square one.

This is where the panic sets in. You want quick results. You then look for something that will get you out of your situation as fast as possible. And so, the cycle repeats every year.

This is no way to live and it isn’t a positive lifestyle change either. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. A bit of planning and common sense means you can still have fun and not miss out but create balance so you start the new year in a positive mindset.

Here are some tips to stop yourself from being silly this silly season:

  1. Get your calendar out and identify which events you have over this period, and where you think it will be challenging to stick to the plan. Whether it be your nana’s boxing day lunch, Christmas day at your auntie’s or a BBQ around your mate’s house.
  2. Prioritise those events. Eating around these events shouldn’t be a problem. The next thing to think about is which ones you can prepare your food for. Maybe you’ll be in a situation where you can take a healthy plate for people to share. Also identify the events where you want to totally relax and enjoy. You don’t want to offend your nan when she has done all that cooking and you’re eating out of a container, do you. ;)
  3. When you do decide to eat off the plan, take precautions so you are not in danger of over-consuming or “gorging”. If you are attending a wedding for example, take two prepped meals with you in the car. Eat one just before you go into the event so you’re not hungry and have one ready for when you leave. That way, if the event goes longer than intended or the food takes a long time to be served, you won’t find yourself getting famished and therefore reaching for an extra piece of cake.
  4. You don’t need to count calories, but you should be aware of the calorie content of your favourite foods.  Just 10 walnuts yield a whopping 200 kJ!
  5. Write everything down in a diary. These times are the most important time to keep a diary. Most people think they must eat perfect to get leaner. This is not true; however, you do need to keep an accurate account of what is being consumed so you know what you can get away with. Fat loss comes from being in a calorie deficit and success leaves clues, as does failure. Just keeping a diary when you’re “on the wagon” is a waste of time. Do it all the time. Accurate data will help you create balance for yourself.

Although Rach has had a very productive year, she’s not finished yet. This year is simply a stepping stone to bigger and better things next year. The strategy I have taken you through here is what she has done all year long with every 12 week block she has completed. 

We all have events, parties, birthdays and Christmas every year, and I didn’t want Rach to miss out on any of them. So we planned her whole entire transformation around these events, and she lost a whopping 30kg anyway. 😊

Dave :)

PS: Read more about Rachel by clicking here.

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