Lisa Wong-Ellison: "Do it for life, not for a competition."

"Two weeks post comp. Happy, healthy and wealthy."  

2 weeks post comp.

Happy, healthy and wealthy.

After being so focused on something for so long, it's nice to take some time to just chill. 

For me, that means some time off intense training and enjoying a meal out with a wine or two here and there with my husband Drew

For me that's all that changes after a comp. No reverse "diet" or slowly weening myself off cardio. Straight back to eating my 6-7 nutrient dense meals a day. And after some rest, back to my usual weight training 3-4 times a week.

For most, this is normally when the struggles set in. You've been working so hard towards an end date. Most probably restricted your food intake and trained harder and more than you ever have before. 

You looked and felt amazing on comp day but now it’s been and gone, there’s nothing stopping you from reaching for a little extra bite of this and a little more of that.

Lisa is a 3x overall champion and most recently placed 2nd at the NZIFBB Nationals

The massive sugar rush makes you feel like shit but you keep reaching for it anyway. You feel head-achey, tired, lethargic and 10kg heavier and the last thing you feel like doing is keeping up with all that training, so what happens... that post-comp rebound! 

I see so many fellow competitors post about how motivated they are in the lead-up to comp day and then after that... nothing! No more motivational talk, no more gym selfies. And it's honestly so sad to see. :( 

If you're setting a comp date just to make yourself lose some weight and get in shape, you're doing it wrong. The secret is to get your metabolism working for you and not against you.

Set the right foundations and habits first and then if your goal is to compete one day, you won’t have to starve yourself, sacrifice your health, and do anything drastic to get there!

Lisa xoxo

PS: Check out Lisa's "before" photo and read more about her here

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