Lauren Hills: "This is my normal."

"I couldn't help but think of how different this particular photo-shoot was from the last time I had a photo-shoot."

It was right after my last physique comp in 2014. I had stuck to my plan for 15 weeks with 100% compliance. I was the leanest I had ever been! (Also a massive grump, tired, weak and lonely).

Once that photoshoot was over - it was like a switch flipped. AND I ATE EVERYTHING IN SIGHT! Nothing was off limits anymore. But I was ripped, so what could go wrong, right?


Within a few weeks - I was so sick, so bloated, had put on close to 10kg, and I hated it! I felt so out of control. So uncomfortable. I had gone from being told exactly what to eat and how much to exercise - to having no idea what to do!

It took me a year to embrace the help I was seeking (and the shock of my doctor telling me I was pre-diabetic. WTAF?) before I was serious about making change.

And here I am, almost another three years later.

The photo-shoot last weekend was different in so many ways. The months leading up to it have been far from perfect. I was overseas for seven weeks, in Tasmania for a week, I moved my business, I was sick for three weeks and couldn't train.

I had a wisdom tooth out and a mild concussion and ate yogurt and chocolate milk for two days. I baked cookies, had a few drinks, went out for dinners, missed meals, been tired, stressed and fed up!

(Lauren looking hot behind the scenes at her most recent photo-shoot)

But that is life. And yet my body is the healthiest and strongest and best it has ever been. Despite what was going on in life - I have been learning about myself. My habits. Creating a series of stepping stones and new habits to allow me to consistently evolve into the new version of myself.

When I got off the plane on Monday, I didn't go home and celebrate with a jar of Nutella. I went to the supermarket and filled my trolley with loads of lean proteins and vibrant fruits and veges. I chopped and cooked so I had a few days of meals prepped and ready to eat. I trained as normal.

Because that is my normal.

I can't wait to see my pictures. To see where I have progressed over the years. Where I could improve. To plan my next move.

But I know for sure these will represent someone quite new.

Big thanks to Dave and Trish for all your fabulous hospitality and support. :)

Loz x

PS: You can read more about Lauren by clicking here.

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