Kirsty McClure: "Getting my spark back"

Recently, a group of qualified Metabolic Precision Specialists completed the Ab Factory Ultimate Role Model Challenge. Not only did they put themselves in their clients' shoes and make themselves fully accountable to us, but their “big reveal” performances were also live-streamed in front of 10,000 members in the MP page. This is their story.

Transformation Specialist: Kirsty McClure

Business Name: Core-Fitness Personal Training

Everyone’s journey is for a different reason. My transformation wasn’t just about fat loss, it was mindset also.

Before the Role Model Challenge my head wasn’t in a good place. After stepping on stage last year I was going great until a month after I began sliding downhill. I was irrational, moody and emotional. I wasn’t happy.

Yep I hid it well from some.

All this manifested from stress, lack of sleep, eating bland food and nothing to strive for. I wanted to be that positive, happy, rational person again.

Fast forward 6mths - I’m back and even better than before.

Kirsty recommends going back to basics in order to get the best results

What did I do?

I started applying the basics in my meals again (protein carbs and fats). We need these nutrients as without them our mind and body do not function well. We are such beautiful unique complex organisms and we need to learn how we feed and treat our body. This is the only we can improve how we feel on the inside and how we look on the outside. Physically and mentally.

I got more sleep now (the power of sleep is incredible). I love waking up feeling refreshed knowing I’ve had a great night sleep.

Check out Kirsty's big reveal video here

I had a goal to aim for, which for me was scarier than stepping on stage. That might sound silly but this was a body that wasn’t stage ready. A body that doesn’t wear a bikini on the beach let alone 10,000 MP Facebook viewers. However it was a body that was healthy and fit that thrived on nutritious, flavoursome food, sleep and exercise. I hadn’t been that nervous since my first photoshoot. But I did it regardless.

I have learnt to embrace my body for how it is. A body that reflects good health, fitness and a love for lifting weights.

Every woman should embrace their bodies regardless of the small or big changes in your transformation.

Kirsty xoxo

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