Kim Vu: "Set your goals high and don't stop until you get there."

"If you've been working on yourself, make sure you are proud of every step of your progress and journey."

EVEN when you feel like you aren’t where you want to be just yet!

Make a decision to look for the positives in life and rock the new changes (physically & mentally) that you’ve been able to achieve.

Find an outfit you LOVE and wear it with pride and confidence!

There are so many benefits to living a healthy, active lifestyle. 

It's all about loving what you got & rocking it.

If you haven't got the body you want right now, then whatever you have done up till this point has not worked.

To keep you on track, you NEED a strong enough reason. A strong, scary but exciting goal, to pull you forward to do what is required to achieve it:

  • This photo-shoot;
  • This theme; and
  • This revealing outfit!

Kim selected a series of "blackmail outfits" that made her train hard for her photo-shoot

Once announced, it made me work 1,000 times harder to:

  1. Not look like a fool on the day;
  2. Step out of my comfort zone; and
  3. Experience something that I never thought I'd do!

Behind the scenes at Kim's recent photo-shoot to celebrate her journey

One way to keep this motivation going is to constantly set bigger & scarier goals.

I have my next EXTREMELY scary goal set.

Have you got something scary planned to help you achieve those 2018 resolutions that you've made?

Set your goals high and don't stop until you get there!

Kim xoxo

PS: You can read more about Kim here

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