Katie Masters: "Stop over-thinking it! Just do it!"


Training history: Personally, around 10 years in the gym and structured MP style, 2.5 years.

Favourite exercise: Type of exercise: fighting, but more specifically boxing. Resistance exercises: Stiff leg deadlifts, or any of the ‘pulls’: pull ups, lat pulldowns, rows.  Oh and anything abs, ‘the cat’ especially.

Your Favourite Quote:  I think this one sums up my philosophy, as it is only when you stop trying you really lose…

‘Defeat is a state of mind. No one is ever defeated until defeat has been accepted as a reality.’ 
Bruce Lee

List 3 things you did consistently that helped you achieve this result?  

No magic or mystery here…

  1. Eat – the foods that I knew would get me the best results, whenever I needed them;
  2. Sleep – can’t stress enough how important this is for recovery; and
  3. Train – made every session as time-efficient as possible, got in, worked hard, got out, no overtraining. 
  4. (Repeat)

(Six months of hard work has paid off for Katie)

If you had 1x piece of advice for someone struggling with their own transformation, what would it be?

Stop overthinking it! Just get started, do your best each session, keep your meals simple and your life simple!

Don’t create unnecessary stress for yourself by trying to be perfect, i.e. with the biggest lifts, the perfectly-plated food, keeping up all of your outside obligations, just make your health the priority and get it done!

Perfection is an illusion. Boring and normal, while completely un-glamourous, is the way to permanent change! Once your transformation routine is second nature, you are able to stop stressing, stop trying to please others, focus and get real results. Do it for you!

Tell me something about yourself that nobody else knows?

The thin piece of skin that people have between their upper gums and top lip does not exist in my mouth. Thanks to my brother, convincing me to play ‘wrestle mania’ on an old-school metal-edged trampoline back in the day (yes I am that old!).

I guess I have him to thank for introducing me to the concept of hardening up, and getting my lips busted boxing is just a natural progression from that! ;)

Bonus Question: Would you rather have a dragon or be a dragon?

No, I haven’t watched too much GoT (ok I have, you got me there) but… I would like to have a dragon.

I see it as a metaphor for taming the beast… your oldest, most animalistic instincts. I love nothing more than to work on the art of self-mastery, and encourage people to do the same. Take control of your life, find purpose.

Learning when and how to best apply those animal instincts is key to this, harnessing their power will help you to get the best results and grow. Oh and I love FIRE too." ;)

Katie xoxo 

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