Jenna Evans: "Mistakes help you learn."

Recently, a group of qualified Metabolic Precision Specialists completed the Ab Factory Ultimate Role Model Challenge. Not only did they put themselves in their clients' shoes and make themselves fully accountable to us, but their “big reveal” performances were also live-streamed in front of 10,000 members in the MP page. This is their story.

Transformation Specialist: Jenna Evans

Business Name: Elevate Fitness

I entered the Role Model Challenge because I wanted to inspire women to stop dieting.

I’ve been there myself and gone through so much heartache and pain trying to find the perfect solution. 

I wanted to show girls like me that you CAN achieve the body of your dreams without killing yourself with diets. 

Jenna hopes to inspire women to get off the diet wagon forever

The biggest thing I learnt recently though, is that you can't help others without first helping yourself.

I have learnt so much about how to coach my clients through the program just by going through the process myself. 

I also learnt that the journey is more important than the goal. The things you discover about yourself and the person you become while chasing a goal is amazing. I am so proud of myself for what I achieved, but I love the person I have become more!

Check out Jenna's big reveal video here

I'm less stressed, I'm kinder to myself, I have more self-belief and I finally feel happy within myself. 

I've set new goals for 2019 because I want to see where I can take my results - not because I don't like what I see and I think that in itself is a huge win. 

Jenna is finally proud of what she sees in the mirror but also excited to strive for more

You don't have to be perfect to achieve results. Mistakes help you learn. 

Figure out what went wrong and how you can improve. If you get too stressed about your transformation, then you're over-complicating it. 

And most importantly, have fun! 

Jenna xoxo

PS: You can read more about Jenna here

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