Jaime Cooper: "It really isn't rocket science"

Food. What can I say about food!

I’ve never had a great relationship with food. That’s not because I eat too much or too little, but simply because I just can’t be bothered.

I cannot be bothered food shopping. I cannot be bothered unpacking and putting it away. I cannot be bothered deciding what I am going to make and when. I certainly cannot be bothered wasting my time in the kitchen every night when my time is better spent doing absolutely ANYTHING else.

I don’t really enjoy eating food and I certainly cannot be bothered cleaning up. I don’t have a dishwasher. To be perfectly honest, if food and its associated nutrients came from a pill, I’d happily take one, two, three or four pills a day and never have to bother with the food process again. 

Jaime's relationship with food has improved significantly since learning how to nail her food prep

However, all that has changed that considerably in recent times. Here’s why;

I have goals. Clear, tangible goals. I’ve learnt that to reach those goals I need to do 3 simple steps;

1. Lift. Spend minimum time lifting maximum weights in a slow and controlled manner, with progressive overload as the main focus. 

2. Cardio. Short sharp bursts of intense effort with periods of recovery to ensure maximum output is achieved. I work with my inefficiencies, not against them. 

3. Fuel my body accordingly. The right foods at the right time. It’s not a meal plan and it’s not pre-packaged food claiming to be low in this and high in that. It’s actually much simpler than that.

Strength training and feeding frequency has made a big difference to Jaime's energy levels and body composition

Yes, you are correct... I hear you say “But Jaime, that last point still involves food and everything you despise as mentioned above?” This is true. HOWEVER, I no longer view food as a curse, but more so a stepping stone towards my goals.

Yes I still have to do the shopping, however it’s now for a reason, not a curse. I no longer come home, shove my purchases in the cupboard and forget about them, only to throw most of it away the following Saturday before another dreaded shop.

Jaime getting one of her workouts done in her hotel while in the Philippines

I do a “shop and chop”. Twenty minutes post shopping trip and everything is chopped, prepped and ready for cooking. With the cook bible, I no longer have to decide day in and day out what I feel like and how am I going to cook it. I simply rotate through the recipes and follow the simple instructions. I still have to cook it, but with the simplest kitchen utensils and knowledge, I can make 3-4 dishes at a time, with all dishes making 6-8 servings each. This cuts my cooking time and wasted hours in the kitchen down considerably.

And I’m pleased to say that I now enjoy eating, not necessarily because of the taste (although the savory mince, Mexican stack and chia puddings, have me like yum) but because it’s a stepping stone to my goals AND I’VE SEEN THE RESULTS, and I saw them fast. 

The chia pudding is one of Jaime's staple meals

Food and everything that goes along with it, is no longer a chore. I meal prep twice a week. It takes me 2-3 hours max. It means when I’m hungry I simply go to the fridge and eat something nutritious and something that is going to take me that one step closer to my goals. I don’t have to think, decide, go to cook it, get annoyed, give up and eventually eat shit.

It really isn’t rocket science, but I wish I’d become a rocket scientist sooner. :)

Jaime xoxo

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Jaime getting one of her short, sharp cardio workouts done

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