"I just want to be fit & toned!" by Dave Oulton

“I just want to be fit & toned!”

Unfortunately being fit & toned are two different goals. And if you try to do both, you can burn yourself out...

12x programs completed and Tracee has gone from being “fit & untoned” to being “unfit & toned”. 🤷🏻‍♂️😆

Fit & Untoned:

❌ High volume, unstructured workouts (mainly cardio) with no progression or overload. The “do whatever you can and as much as possible” mentality;
❌ Always in an over-trained and exhausted state;
❌ Cravings and binge-eating;
❌ Always trying the next new fitness program or 8 week challenge; and
❌ No consistency or long-term adherence due to an unsustainable approach to training;
❌ Throwing 💩 at the wall and hoping it sticks (due to having no data to measure).

Unfit & Toned:

✅ Training is measured and focussed - sets, reps and increasing resistance;
✅ Food and energy requirements is logged to match the up and coming training week (this includes both being calorie aware AND intermittently measuring calories so they can be steadily increased);
✅ Performance, adherence and accountability is logged regardless of whether it’s been a good week or not;
✅ Uses reduced fitness level as a tool (being “unfit” results in a higher calorie expenditure rate during intense cardio exercise due to inefficiency)
✅ Strengths and weakness are identified and become the focus for the subsequent program.

If you’re doing heaps of work in the gym and your body composition isn’t improving, then you don’t have the balance right. Match the work and focus to the goal and keep doing it, over and over. It’s the only way real results happen.

It’s as simple as that.

Less is more 💪

Dave :)

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Tracee getting one of her workouts done at the Ab Factory with Dave

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