How to get arms like Amy

Amy Pemberton has nearly completed her second phase of training.

She is training for the up and coming North Face 50km Ultra Marathon in the Blue Mountains.

Whether you are training for a marathon or just want to lose a few kgs, your training program should always compliment how you function, look and feel. You should not feel tired, burnt out or injured.

Training and nutrition structure is key to achieving those by-products of success. Body composition is very important when training for an endurance event.

Unwanted weight (excess body fat) will put stress on your joints and internal organs. It will slow you down!

You don't need to be pounding the pavement everyday for hours on end to train for this type of event. Many other training components need to be considered and carried out weekly.

Quality over quantity will give you a much better result. For this to happen, the Athlete needs to pay particular attention to things like hydration, sleep and nutrition. Solely focusing on the training program (the exercise) will be a recipe for disaster as is trading food for the increase in exercise.

Well done Amy, you are looking a million bucks!


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