Gladysha Sukardan: "Always be authentic."

Recently, a group of qualified Metabolic Precision Specialists completed the Ab Factory Ultimate Role Model Challenge. Not only did they put themselves in their clients' shoes and make themselves fully accountable to us, but their “big reveal” performances were also live-streamed in front of 10,000 members in the MP page. This is their story.

Transformation Specialist: Gladysha Sukardan

Business Name: Superbody Fitness

What is a role model?

That's the question I asked myself, one month before the end of the Ultimate Role Model Challenge.

As I emailed Trish that day, subtly expressing my concerns to her about how I'd be going on holiday for one month. I explained that I had timed the whole challenge poorly, not realising I'd be doing a big reveal on Facebook to 10,000 people just 4 days after returning from a one month trip. 

It was at this point that I was very strongly contemplating giving up on the whole thing. I mean, how could I honestly come back leaner from a holiday; was I kidding myself?

Gladysha stayed in great shape even while on holiday

It was only a few days later, after turning this question over a hundred times in my mind that I realised I'd been looking at it all wrong. Role models are more than just people who can 'get lean'. That's the easy part. 

The hard part is showing others that you can live a healthy balanced lifestyle, go on holiday and still come back confident enough to showcase your healthy, happy self to the world.

I wanted to do this challenge to inspire my own clients and pave the way for them in their own health and fitness journeys. Showing them that sure, I could lose body fat would be inspiring, yes, but showing them how to live a lifestyle that promotes good health and improved body shape, despite careers, social events and holidays. Well, that could change someone’s life. 

Check out Gladysha's big reveal video here

If I could speak to my past self again, I would tell her to stay authentic. True role models aren’t perfect, they keep it real, and they inspire others by sharing both their successes and their challenges. 

I was never one to show my struggles, but this challenge has taught me that it’s overcoming the struggles that determines our success in the long run.

I hope to teach my current and future clients exactly that, and this challenge allowed me to lead by example.

Gladysha xoxo

PS: You can read more about Gladysha here.

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