Gemma Donaldson: "Respect your body."

"I was obsessed with being skinny from as young as I can remember."

I recall buying magazines from a very young age, anything that had the latest celebrity diet, tips or tricks on the front cover. 

I had such a huge pile under my bed and wouldn't throw them away. It was an unhealthy obsession that lead to some pretty poor choices.

I literally remember standing in front of the mirror in my underwear, feeling that I was on a slippery downhill slope.

When I was 29 and I could see that the choices I had made in my teens and 20's were catching up with me. I didn't want my body to get worse and I didn't want my age to be the excuse for it. 

That was my first snap-point!

Behind the scenes at Gemma's recent photo-shoot to celebrate her journey

Although I always participated in sport at school and uni, back then I never had the athletic body to show for it. I spent the majority of my 20's with no accountability, no structure to my training and "eating well" (or so I thought). 

But that always went out the window on the weekends with copious amounts of alcohol followed by fast food, only to try and get back on track on Monday. It was a vicious circle and it clearly wasn't working for me.

My biggest challenge so far has been issues with my digestion; something I have become really passionate about and have been consciously working to improve for the past 8 months. I am reaping the rewards to my health with better quality sleep, improved appetite and increased meal frequency.

Your health is everything! The choices and respect we pay to our bodies now will reflect the life we will live in your future years. I want mine to be the best possible.

When you want it bad enough, you will do whatever it takes!

Gemma xoxo

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