Dave says don't do more, do less

Bruce Lee said it best...

"I fear not the man who practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who practiced one kick 10,000 times".

Have you ever made a list of daily tasks to complete and ended up not getting any of them done?

You started one thing with all the intentions of finishing it, but then get distracted by something else that became more of a priority, half way through the day something else cropped up "that just had to be done".

By the end of the day you feel completely exhausted but was there no actual productivity by the end of the day.

You got nothing done!

It's easy to get distracted, right now it feels like you have a million things to get right and you have given yourself so little time to do it. You are trying so hard to put so many things right in a short space of time. You end up "Robbing Peter to give to Paul".

Here's what I mean...

Day 1

✅ I ate breakfast;
✅ I went to boot camp; and
❎ I went to bed far too late because I was playing on Facebook.

Day 2

❎ I missed breakfast;
✅ I went to boot camp; and
✅ I went to bed at a decent hour.

Day 3

✅ I ate breakfast;
❎ I missed boot camp; and
✅ I went to bed at a decent hour.

Day 4

We start again on the merry go round...

I could put a number of other things in the examples above. Hydration, meal frequency, weekend habits, the list goes on...

An easy and effective action task here is to make a list of significant things you must work on.

Ask yourself the question...

What is really holding me back from success?

It's best to pick one thing and spend whatever time it takes to get that thing right. 

Just as Bruce Lee said, it's best to master one move before you move on to the next.

Put the list in order of priorities, ask yourself...

❓Do I focus on your daily protein,fats and Carb % amounts?


❓Do I first focus on the binge drinking on the weekends?

❓Do I focus on killing myself in 6 cardio sessions per week?


❓Do I first focus on the daily consumption of Chocolate and 5 litres of Coca Cola consumed per week?

We all want quick results, don't we?

The quicker you pin-point the exact things you need change to give you progress, The quicker your success will come to you.

Do exactly what needs to be done.

No more, no less!

Dave :)

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