Christine Brooks: "I don't even feel like I'm doing anything different!"

"I don't even feel like I'm doing anything different!"

This is what Crit said to me the other day, despite being 8 weeks out from competition and already in almost peak condition.

Those are the words every trainer wants to hear. You know your program is sustainable when you feel like you can keep doing it forever, you never get burnt out and the results get easier and easier over time. 

After all, if you've been given a program that makes you feel tired, grumpy, or exhausted, affects your rest/recovery and makes you dread your workouts, chances are you'll burn out and eventually feel like a failure even though it wasn't you that was the problem to begin with - it was the program.

If you speak to many experienced competitors, they'll tell you the old cliche "The better I look, the worse I feel." 

But this is just one way to get ready for a photo shoot or a show - it's not the only way. In the last 3 months before a competition, I always feel like a million bucks. Why? Because I play the long game and that's what Crit is doing now - 4 years of weight-training and healthy eating habits are paying off because right now she's 8 weeks out and already below 13% body fat, despite still eating 7 meals a day and now no cardio. 

Don't let anyone tell you that you need to suffer to look good. Looking good can also be the by-product of feeling great.

In 2014 Crit started doing FIRE (weights) 2x a week and ICE (intense cardio exercise) 2-3 per week. Then she progressed to 3x FIRE, then 4 and eventually nearly 4 years later she's doing 5x FIRE per week (max 45 mins each) with no cardio at all. 

She hasn't eaten perfectly all the time (because it's not necessary) but she slowly built up her food prep skills, increased her feeding frequency and because she was weight-training consistently all the way throughout, her metabolism sped up along with it.

(A sample of Christine's kitchen skills)

Now that she has deleted all the "treat" meals, including all "bites, licks and tastes", everything else stays the same and yet her metabolism is doing all the work for her in preparation for her goal on 17 September. 

Why change anything else if her body is responding rapidly already? The less you need to change, the easier it will be to sustain long after the goal has been achieved.

The more time you spend investing in a fast metabolism, the less you'll need to "do" or "change" in the last few months before a big event such as a photo shoot or competition. That's because your "baseline" or "metabolic rate" (the rate at which your body burns calories) will get faster and faster and you'll burn more calories over the day. In fact, if you've done it properly, eventually it will start to feel like you're not doing anything different at all!

The only way to build up your baseline is with weight-training. You don't need to do a lot - even 2 sessions a week will create a huge stimulus in the body (ask anyone that has started lifting weights for the first time what happens to their appetite!) But don't forget muscles aren't built in the gym, they're ripped and torn down. 

So if you're not feeding your muscles frequently, all you're doing is breaking them down and never building them up. If you increase your nutrition compliancy, you'll increase your baseline very rapidly.

Congrats on your amazing results so far Crit, everyone at the Ab Factory is so proud of you!!! You are going to make an AMAZING MP trainer ;-)

Trish & Dave

PS: You can read more about Christine by clicking here.

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