Christine Brooks: "5 Years of Hard Work Paid Off"

On Sunday 26 May 2019, Christine won the WFF Melbourne International Sports Model Overall Champion title

#repost from Christine Brooks:

❌Program hopping;
❌Looks for the next best diet;
❌Hires a coach but takes advice from everyone else;
❌Thinks that a training program or exercise is the magic formula;
❌Gives up when the results don’t come fast enough.

✅Followed the same simple steps for 5 years;
✅Focused on the habits, not the food;
✅Adherent & consistent;
✅Progressively overloaded on the same exercises & got really good at executing them;
✅Learn from my mistakes & keep moving forward.

Congratulations Christine Brooks on becoming the new WFF Melbourne International Sports Model Overall Champion!!!!

Everyone at the Ab Factory is very proud of you :)

Trish & Dave xoxo

PS: You can read more about Christine here.

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