Caitlyn Groves: "Hard work beats talent."

Congratulations Caitlyn for completing your first photo-shoot challenge with us!

Tell us, what was the best part of your journey?

The best part of this journey is seeing my body changing every month.

What was the biggest habit holding you back? And have you conquered it completely yet, or still working on it?

The biggest habit for me and always has been is to make excuses to not train. I do everything else right but making excuses is something I need to continue to work on to make my journey easier in the new year.

7kg's lost - Caitlyn's progress so far

What did you struggle with the most on this journey, and how did you overcome it?

The biggest struggle was being with friends, them asking questions and feeling judged about bringing my own foods to social events. The biggest struggle was to not get into their peer pressure, I am stilling overcoming this as part of my journey.

Favourite motivational quote:

“Hard work beats talent, when talent fails to work hard.”

Caitlyn (right) working hard during one of her FIRE sessions

What advice would you give to someone who resonates with your story and might be struggling?

The advice I give to people out there is to stop trying to be perfect. Nobody’s perfect.

In bullet point form, list 3 ingredients that you feel are vital to a successful transformation?

  1. Being 95% compliant each and every day;
  2. Having meals prepared, meal prep is key; and
  3. Eat more plant food!
Caitlyn credits her sport with keeping her motivated and on track

What did you learn from this experience?

I learnt that it is so easy to step backwards from all the hard work you have done. One of the worst things I did was to compare myself to others. Once I stopped doing this, I started to achieve my goals. I did it for myself and not for others.

The most important thing that motivated me to stop comparing and start doing it for myself was my basketball. I live for it and wouldn’t picture life without it. My goal was to become a better athlete, this helped me through my first program and still continues to motivate me to be a better me.

Caitlyn xoxo

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