Bryan Kennedy: "Fat loss never excited me"

"The idea of fat loss as a goal never really excited me."

I guess like many other people, the idea of fat loss seems to be a goal we are all focused on. 

But in actual fact, I feel it should be a by-product of bigger and more exciting goals.

Fat loss was a by-product of Bryan's bigger goals and lifestyle choices, not the end game

For me, that is still hard to pinpoint as I am and always have been scattered. So I have two things I am looking forward to from this point, getting ready to powerlift and preparing for a Spartan event in October. 

I know I will never be great at either, but who cares, at the end of the day the challenge will be having the ability to run a 21k obstacle event in October and to set 3 PB’s in the Summer GPC powerlifting event.

Having you guys there to look over what I was up to and check in definitely helped keep me on track, especially as any goals I had were put on hold. As far as keeping food on track, while I was not the best, what I did got results and it was not really a chore.

Small consistent changes add up to big results over time - 8.9 kg fat loss

I’ve realised that fat loss is not a goal I can embrace, it doesn’t interest me, and most of the time I think it is just a lie. 

Fat loss is what you say when you are joining a gym because you feel like you should for health concerns or social pressure, real goals come from a burning desire to be extraordinary, not a want to be just ordinary.

Simple, easy and delicious is best - an example of Bryan's food prep

One thing I discovered is that cardio is easy. In the past I tended to avoid cardio as I felt it was hard, and always has been unnecessary for my sport or pursuits. I never liked the feeling of changing over energy systems from anaerobic to aerobic. 

Once I embraced firstly sessions like Top Ride (cycle class) and Ubound (mini-trampoline class), I then included steady state style stuff with 30 min sessions on the stepper, assault bike and other equipment keeping my heart rate in the 80% zone.

Bryan incorporate cardio into his schedule such as Ubound and Top Ride - and even started to embrace it

Again it was about learning that it's not all that hard to do, it’s just a matter of deciding to do it. 

The small things matter most: Bryan kept himself organised with a basic weekly shopping list that suited the whole family

When it comes to the food, I didn’t change a lot. All I really changed was being consistent on the small things that matter. 

It was really a matter of making the better choices easily available and making less choices that don’t work toward the end goal. Making sure to get the data so it pushes those better choices.

It's never about the food you eat but the system you build to sustain it - Bryan created a system that worked for him

I stayed with it till the end, I didn’t give up. I would like to be proud of the changes, but it wasn’t really a struggle to do. I know I wouldn't have achieved it without you guys, but again it was being accountable that makes the difference, knowing that I had to send you the photos and the caliper readings, fuelled better choices.

I will keep checking my stats and reapplying the principles dependant on my goals. I won’t always be making perfect choices, but I will see how lean I can get as I focus on getting stronger and fitter.

Bryan :)

PS: You can read more about Bryan here.

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