Andrew Ellison: "Trust the process."

"My wife first introduced me to Metabolic Precision about 3 years ago now."

She was following MP specialist Trish Veugelaers, who now is our business mentor and coach and we couldn't be more grateful and proud to have her in our corner alongside her partner Dave Oulton. 

Upon her telling me about the MP program I was very sceptical. One, it seemed expensive and two, I just couldn't wrap my head around the fact that it meant I could eat more food and get leaner. But I could see how much my wife was influenced and inspired to do this program, so we did it.

Understand at this time I had just come down from 106kg to 96kgs in a desperate attempt to lose weight for our wedding, doing everything possible to burn some fat. I cut my food intake right back and did sprints almost every day unfuelled. I had dropped 10kgs and looked no better. I had clearly burnt a lot of muscle as I wasn't extremely overweight to begin with, my face was still puffy and my energy levels were low.

We both then completed our first 12 Week program with Trish ands Dave, and I was hooked!! The amount of valuable information we learnt on our first 12 week program was huge, and to me it was like gold.

I remember one time at the gym I asked a Personal Trainer who I thought looked awesome "Hey bro, how do I put on lean muscle and burn fat?" 

His response was "knowledge". I thought what a dick!! That doesn't help me! But when I got given the MP Manual, after reading through the first chapter I knew right then and there, sitting in front of me was a wealth full of knowledge.

(Three years of hard work has paid off for Drew)

From the get go my wife Lisa Wong-Ellison who is also now a qualified trainer alongside myself, took it upon ourselves to soak up as much information as we could and apply this new way of eating and training to our lifestyle. We had already wasted years of training and hard work for such little result and weren't about to do that with this program. We trusted the process and the information that was given to us.

Over our journey so far we have both built strong healthy metabolisms. I can’t remember the last time either of us were sick. Lisa has used the knowledge she has gained from this program to coach herself to winning two regional Overall Bikini shows not once sacrificing her health to get there! 

And just recently on the weekend, she took out her 3rd regional Overall Bikini Title in our home town with the NZIFBB, looking the leanest and meanest she ever has. This time with the help, guidance and support from fellow trainer, friend and mentor Trish.

(Lisa (red bikini) during her recent overall win at the NZIFBB Tournament of Champions)

When I started my journey a few years back I was sitting around 20% BF. I too just competed on the weekend and stepped on stage at 5% BF. These results were from no more than 3 to 4x 45 weight sessions a week, absolutely no fasted cardio and no more than x1 ICE session per week. 

As we got closer to stage day we literally had to increase our food intake every 2-3 weeks because our bodies were just burning through the food! Even to the point now that comp has finished and we’re struggling to keep up with the amount of food we were eating. That right there is unheard of! And that right there is the power of a strong firing metabolism!

And that is why I am writing this. To help every single person who is currently on their own journey or sitting on the fence wondering whether they should do it or not. COMMIT whole-heartedly and don't look back. 

Give it nothing but your very best effort and watch your life change around you. I am so grateful for this program that we can live a happier, healthier life and get the body that deep down we all want.



PS: You can read more about Drew by clicking here.

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