Alicia Weston: "I'm making a change to the way I see myself."

So I’m jumping outside my comfort zone here...

Today I had a conversation with Trish about the next 12 weeks and really smashing it, and it made me think about a few things.

To be perfectly honest, over the last two years I’ve been involved in so many “8 week challenges” and 9/10 times I could stick with them and that resulted in losing 12kgs! I was absolutely amazed and so happy with my results. I had gone from 75kg to 63 and was on top of the world!

From my very first weigh-in with Ab Factory I have managed to send my weight back to 72kgs because I wasn’t eating well and was in a shocking headspace with my new work at the time. That then resulted in not being compliant with anything that Trish and Dave had taught me, and therefore making worse habits for myself. :(

I weighed in yesterday and was back down to 69 kgs so I’m finally moving in the right direction WITHOUT the crazy diets. But what I took from that is that I have always been so obsessed with the number on the scales and fad diets that I had no idea what it was doing to my physical, mental and social health. Friends would invite me to dinner and I would literally say no because I was in my “detox phase” of a challenge 😂

Alicia (doing push ups on the bosu) getting one of her workouts done at the Ab Factory

My little sister has always looked up to me and has always been obsessed with that little number also. I would always tell her that the number didn’t matter and that as long as you were healthy and happy, nothing else mattered. So why couldn’t I take my own advice?!

Long story short, I am going to make a change to how I see myself, and make it a much more positive approach. I have taken the batteries out of the scales and given them to dad so I can’t try and weigh-in and only focus on how I’m actually feeling within myself and how clothes fit on me.

Oh, and I’m bribing myself with a certain pair of booty shorts that currently don’t fit me properly... and I WILL be wearing them at my next photo-shoot at the Ab Factory in 12 weeks time, whether I like it or not. 😂 #blackmaildiet

Alicia in the kitchen getting her food prep done for the week


❤️ I think having Frankie (the photographer) definitely helped the nerves as I said to her “Tell me what to do and I’ll do it.”

❤️ I didn’t have a good idea of what I wanted to wear, so I brought most of my wardrobe and let Trish and Frankie choose for me.

❤️ Being open to any ideas and just going with the flow of the photo shoot.

❤️ Having a ZFG attitude about the whole thing and saying yes to everything.

❤️ Not working yourself up about it and having a positive outlook on the whole thing and seeing it as a fun alternative to progress pictures. 😊

Thanks for listening 😍
Alicia xoxo

Always give yourself something to look forward to - Alicia used the photo-shoot as a fun alternative to taking progress shots

Really proud of you Alicia, bring on the next photo-shoot!

Trish & Dave xoxo

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