Alicia Mortley: "You can still socialise and stay on track."

Home-cooked goodness - Socialising with friends doesn't need to always involve takeaway

In the past – the normal way for me to socialise was takeaway and a couple of red wines.  

It was hard for me to change the mindset that when I caught catch up with friends “you have to eat specific things and have to have a drink”.

Tonight was great for me as I put it to my girlfriend that we cook together something from the cook bible, so we had Shar’s Low-Fat Thai Chicken Red Curry and the Pear & Mixed-Berry Oven-Baked Crumble. 

Staying on track to reach my goals and socialising - it is possible, but the choice is up to you.

My top 3 tips for socialising & staying on track with your goals are:

  1. Have it planned in advance and stay accountable to each other; 
  2. Use the prepping/cooking time as a chance to catch up; and
  3. Do a workout together and enjoy some delicious food afterwards.
Staying on track with my goals. Taking my prepped food to the hairdressers. Everyone was very intrigued lol

The key to staying on track is preparation. 

I have a very busy job as a trainer and netball coach, so every Sunday I always plan out my week of when I am doing my training and food prep. I try have them in the same days so I have a routine. I make sure I still catch up with one of my friends once a week to have a balanced life-style.

I also ensure I do the appropriate rest and recovery. Whether that is getting a massage, walking or some stretching. Not feeling guilty if I have an off meal, I just enjoy it and move on straight away. Don’t go and smash yourself at the gym out of guilt, as this only causes more cravings and over-eating.

Lastly, there is always prepped food in my fridge. Proximity is the key to a transformation. If it’s close-by, eventually you’ll eat it. This is why creating the right environment at home and at work is crucial to success.

Leash xoxo

Alicia getting one of her workouts done on her own

You've done a fantastic job Leash, bring on the next photo-shoot!

Trish & Dave xoxo

PS: You can read more about Alicia here.

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