10x Signs You Have a Diet Mindset

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  1. You binge on junk food the night before you start a new program with your trainer. And then wonder why your results are slow.
  2. You worry about eating chocolate at Easter time. Meanwhile you’ve been eating it every other day of the year.🤭
  3. You only submit a food diary to your trainer when you’re “on the wagon”. Which means you conveniently forget to send it in at Easter time, Christmas time, and/or when you are travelling or on holiday...
  4. You do send in a food diary but you leave out the stuff you don’t want your trainer to see, i.e. all the bites, licks and tastes etc. Which means you effectively paid your trainer to fib to them and do what you wanted to do anyway. #selectiveamnesia
  5. You use other people as scapegoats. I.e. you bake treats for others or bring sweets home “for the kids” and then you eat it yourself.
  6. You know you need to eat more frequently but you purposely eat really tiny meals because you’re scared of getting fat. Which causes hunger and cravings, and then you binge uncontrollably on processed food. And then you feel guilty, so you eat even smaller meals... And so on.
  7. It’s your trainer’s birthday and they try to share their birthday cake with you. But you say no because you’re embarrassed about what you’ve been eating behind their back. 🙊
  8. You still think you can eat something to get lean, or need a more scientific approach. So instead of just admitting you’ve been eating crap, you go looking for a secret instead. When deep down you know the real secret is what you’ve eating privately, and don’t want anyone to know about (denial). 🤦🏼‍♀️
  9. You believe that doing another crappy 28 day extreme diet will make up for the 12,775 days you’ve been alive, completely ignoring the fact that this means you’ve only worked hard for 0.2% if your life😆.
  10. You change diets every time it gets a bit hard and/or you don’t get the result you want. You blame the program instead of your own lack of discipline and work ethic. 👎🏼
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  1. You do a big vege shop the night before you start a new program with your trainer. Because this is the first day of the rest of your life. 💪🏼😊
  2. You eat chocolate at Easter time and don’t give a f*ck. It’s been ages since you ate chocolate, and you enjoy every mouthful.😋
  3. You send a food diary to your trainer whether it’s Easter time or not. After all, you know they can see what you’ve been eating by your photos and measurements anyway. Might as well be honest. #zfg
  4. If you nibbled and picked at naughty things, you write this down too. Then you go and do a proper purge and pillage of your fridge and pantry, like your trainer told you to do in the first place.
  5. You delete all the scapegoats. Not your children or your husband, but the bad things you were buying them (and eating yourself).
  6. You purposely double or triple the portion size of your healthy meals so you’re full and satisfied all the time. And now you can’t remember the last time you had cravings or binged.
  7. You eat the birthday cake in front of your trainer. You know it’s a test. 😉
  8. You choose any meal plan you want and just stick to it. Hell, you may even make up your own if you’ve got the knowledge. You know they’re all the f*cking same anyway, so you pick the one you enjoy most and that suits your lifestyle, and do it.
  9. You own up to your trainer every time you fall off the wagon and eat shit. You know you’re just wasting your money if you lie to them, and they can’t help you improve on what they don’t know about.
  10. You sign up at the Ab Factory for a little extra accountability, and because you’ve always wanted to be the next anti-diet superstar, like Rachel, Gladysha and Jenna. Check out services page here.  🙂
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