Tracee Arnup: "I finally found what makes me tick"

"This has taken me years to do this."

"I have never found what really makes me tick, this program has taught me to peel back all these layers to discover all these under lying issues.

Twelve weeks ago I blackmailed myself into these size 10 short shorts to a workout at the Ab Factory ....... these little shorts both scared the crap out of me, and excited me, because legs are my least favourite part of my body, I have stretch marks and cellulite all over them.

But I wanted the confidence to walk around in these. This might seem small to some people, but to me this made me tick. I hung these shorts up in my walk in robe so I could see them every day.

These were on my mind every time I didn't want to do my food prep, every time I was invited out for dinner, every time I didn't want to train.

This made me accountable for all my actions and choices. Am I where I want to be.... no, but am I closer.... definitely. Twelve weeks ago, I would never have worn these out in public.

Now I know what makes me tick, my next blackmail will be make my profile pic on Facebook a pic of me in booty shorts with a crop." 

You're amazing Tracee Arnup, so incredibly proud of you. :)

Trish & Dave

PS: Read more about Tracee here.

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