Nicolette's true story

"There is that old saying..."

That even though progress may be slow you need to take a step and look how far you have come.

My health journey really started 3 years ago. I just got back from Alaska and I was a mess. Emotionally and physically. I binge drank close to everyday to self medicate and on top of that I believed that doing up to 2 to 3 hours in the gym (1 hour solely just running on a treadmill) 5 days a week and eating nothing would give me that bikini body I dreamed of having. 

And when I say restricted dieting I mean there were days where I had a small handful of walnuts, an apple an a few spoonfuls of yogurt in one day. That's it. 

I was proud of myself for being so "strong" and having will power.

But we all know how this story ends. I yo yo dieted and tried all the fads and wasted a lot of money. I wish I could go back in time a knock some common sense into that lost girl but I'm lucky because I found the right way. I didn't learn straight away. The fitness world is the most saturate genre in regards to media, extreme quick transformation schemes. It's predatory and downright harmful.

My partner went away for work for 10 weeks so I wanted to surprise him with a great bod. So I joined a gym and started doing all those classes (which I suck at... I mean who really has the coordination to do a step class. I looked like a spazz, wailing limbs and all).

But there was one boot camp class I did where the trainer, Kane Patterson, who was the first trainer EVER, to mention nutrition. Over the years I have had well over 10 personal trainers and fitness instructors and he was the first one in all my years of going to the gym. It's astounding. 

We had a free consult where I told him I eat well and don't do carbs, to which he replied bluntly... "WHY?" Oh I was so naive. This is the moment where my life changed and set me on the path to a year and a half later you see the girl before you now.

Kane worked on all my bad habits and it was hard for me to listen to someone who is telling me to eat more and exercise less when for years we have been told the direct opposite. 
Kane changed my bad habits and Trish fine tuned me and polished me up like a diamond... Literally!

Today I only workout no more than 5 hours a WEEK. Four of these hours involve lifting heavy weights and hardly any cardio, just a power walk.

I eat 42 meals a week. And when I say meals I am talking about MASSIVE platefuls. I sped up my metabolism and now have it burning like a fat incinerating machine.

It took a lot of hard work, preparation, consistency and patience. Not some fancy all in one exercise machine, waist trainer or a pill.

So, if you are asking where to start? Find a trainer and block out all that noise. You may not see results in 6, 8 or even 12 weeks, but there will be invisible changes happening internally. Focus on your health first and self love and, most of all, listen to your body.

Life is short so don't spent it obsessing about calories or fearing food and spending countless hours in the gym on a machine. Life is not about that. And remember to constantly research and educate yourself. Learn, grow, live, be happy and be healthy." 💓

Thank you for sharing your story Nic.
We are so proud of you :D
Trish & Dave xoxo

PS: You can read more about Nicolette by clicking here.

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