Nicolette Pankovics: "Life is About More Than Just Being Lean"


Training history: 2 years 

Favourite exercise: Love training shoulders and arms, lateral dumb-bell raises. 

Favourite motivational quote: "I love the person I've become because I fought hard to become her."

What advice would you give to someone who wants to achieve results like you?

“Strive for progress, not perfection.”

In your opinion, what is the most important aspect of a transformation?

Habits is probably one of the most (if not the most) important part of a transformation. 

Once you start creating good habits, both in your environment and in yourself, the journey becomes easier and automatic. 

What did you learn from this experience?

I have done many transformations. In the past, I learned how to block out the external noise, get my food prep down, train and eat consistently. 

However, this time I learned to block out the internal negative noise and chatter. 

Comparing myself to others and self-doubt was a hurdle I overcame.

I stopped focusing on being perfect because when I had a bad day, it threw me out. I now know it's about consistent progress, not perfection. 

Nicolette says:

One of the very first lessons we learn along this journey is the power of habits. However, I want to address habits in another light, one that was brought to my attention recently. 

You see, a few months ago, my trainer told me something which had a profound effect on me and changed the way I view my journey. 

In her words... "Just remember that nutrition is never about food, it's about habits. The way you see yourself is also a habit. You are one of the leanest people and yet you are one of the unhappiest... life is about more than just being lean". 

WOW! This made me start thinking. 

Was my habit an obsession about being lean? 

As I delved deeper into the question, it became apparent that my real habit was about being perfect... or if not... being seen as perfect. This inner critic and self-saboteur was my habit, and it was the biggest one I had to beat. 

So, the habit of trying to be perfect looms over and wreaks havoc in my brain every day and where does this lead to creating a positive habit to overcome.... for myself? 

Number one, I can identify the self-sabotaging thoughts that I have internalized and consciously choose to act against them. 

At the end of the day, self-sabotage is all about programming, so just becoming aware of that inner chatter was important. Therefore, separating my thoughts from the destructive attitudes that have internalised based on early life experiences was crucial. Once I started truly listening to myself, I began catching my thoughts out. 

Changing these self-sabotaging behaviours was confronting, because it means challenging deeply engrained attitudes that I've long held about myself over a long time. One thing that this fitness journey does is challenge you to CHANGE in every way!

The next step was to set small and realistic goals and begin to break down the steps into the actions that you may need to take. It could be something as looking at a particular body part and saying... "Wow look at that shoulder. Damn that's a nice shoulder!" Or looking back on an achievement of the day... "I ate 6 great meals today and got a great workout in. Winning". 

Little positive affirmations each day are key. Every workout puts deposits in your muscle/health bank, consistent positive affirmations put deposits into your mental health and overall happiness bank.

I believe that being perfect is no longer important. Being happy is. Being comfortable is and loving myself is. It’s about dancing to the beat of your own drum and not giving a damn f#*k about what anyone else thinks. It all comes down to the ultimate question...


Remember, the world is in YOUR hands! 

Nic xoxo

PS: You can read more about Nicolette by clicking here.

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