Motivation Monday: Simon Tetley


Transformation Time-Frame: 6 months

"In early 2015 I completed 2x 12-week programs with the great help from my trainer, Dave Oulton.

I was so impressed with what I had learnt so far with this nutrition program and could already see a physical change after the first 4-6 weeks. I have felt the best I had ever felt, this was the deciding factor in signing up for the 2nd 12 week program.

(Six months of hard work and dedication is evident in Simon's before and after photos)

There are many programs available that can give you a physical change, but usually at the expense of health and performance or vice versa. I feel very lucky that I have found a program that compliments both health, daily performance and physique.

I feel great and am over the moon with my results.  A healthy lifestyle is the norm for me now, feeling myself wanting to make healthier choices. 

The before and after photo’s say it all and I personally found it easy once the ball got rolling. Dave was a great help with tweaking my program when needed and keeping me on track. 

The knowledge alone is priceless, not to mention the fact that I will live a happier and healthier life without guessing what the right thing to do or eat is. It has eliminated the guess work and trial by error routine and gets you fast results if implemented correctly.

I’m so excited to utilise what I have personally gained and start helping others as it is especially needed over here in North America. (I’m still an Aussie at heart!)"

Simon’s goal was to have an optimum physique without compromising his daily performance and health. 

Simon, like everyone on this planet has a busy life, he lives in British Columbia in Canada and has a very active job working as a carpenter, but we agreed that this goal of his would need to be the #1 priority in his life. 

Because of Simon’s location, I corresponded fully via our online program. Which meant over the 6 months, Simon received a very clear outline of what needed to be achieved week by week, no guess work.

We talked about discipline being a big factor in achieving success, and he has done very well at just following the plan we agreed on. He resisted the urge to get side-tracked and didn’t change things just for the sake of it. He simply got better at implementing the program into his lifestyle.

An accurate data log has helped us recognise his lifestyle patterns/habits. I had to heavily rely on Simon to be honest and accurate with his actions week by week in order for the small changes to make a big impact.

This, coupled with regular progress photos has helped both myself and Simon identify weekly adherence and progress. Food and exercise are the two factors we can control in changing our body-shape. How we use them can either mean fantastic results or plateau and frustration.

Cheers Simon for sharing your story.

Proud of you mate. :-)


PS: You can read more about Simon by clicking here

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