Motivation Monday: Nicolette Pankovics


Transformation Time-Frame: 7 Months

Congratulations Nic on your amazing transformation!

Can you tell us in five minutes...

What you lost/gained during your transformation:

Psychologically, I became mentally strong in a way I never knew I could. 

I became less of a push over and demanded more not only from others but especially myself. 

I became vocal when things did not sit right with me, and I learned to listen to my body overall. I began to notice certain types of people... Those who are willing to work as hard as they could to reach their goals, and those who either gave up to take the easy way out or blamed others. I knew that I wanted to remove myself from the latter and started to change my environment around me so that it worked in my favour.

Intellectually I changed direction, especially in my career. This process made me investigate the evidenced-based practises out there regarding building lean mass, shedding fat and getting comp ready. I am now looking forward to be a key researcher within this field.

The 3 things that helped you get through:

1.  Trish and Dave. Their support throughout this whole process and their “lead by example attitude” is what inspired me. When you can see people who practise what they preach it makes a difference. Though I was 100% doing this for me, I wanted to make them proud and be a great representation of their core values and standards.

2.  Rather than looking at the overall challenge, I kept that vision in my mind but I just took on the challenge day by day. Each day was a small consistent success, which painted the overall picture in the end. In fact, the weeks just flew by and before I knew it I was stepping on stage.

3.  The set-backs really helped me stay focus. Many issues arose during my prep regarding relationships, work and family but the more chaotic iy became the more determined I became. I constantly practised positive self-talk and patience. You have days in which you feel as though you are not progressing and everything is against you, and this is where you get in the gym, train hard, put the right nutrition in your body and give all those problems the finger. I made sure that no matter what was happening in my personal life, this was my priority and boy did it fuel my fire. 

The biggest lesson you learnt:

The overall strength I gained. 

I never knew that out of this whole (so called) physical transformation that I would learn and grow within every aspect of myself; physically, emotionally and intellectually. I learned to truly love myself and be comfortable in my skin and I loved the challenges this transformation brought. 

I never saw it as a burden, but an amazing blessing which I am lucky to have come across. 

This has life has changed for the better in every way.

Thanks Nic for sharing your story!
Dave and I are so proud of you. :-)


PS: You can read more about how Nic achieved this amazing result by clicking here

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