Get abs without ab exercises

It’s fairly straight forward getting your average female down to 18% body fat and any male down to 12% body fat.

But how do we get those results beyond those realms without destroying our lifestyle.

Can it actually be done?

How to identify mediocrity

Identifying mediocrity is something I have addressed as a key area of focus in order to get your body fat down to those single digits and get those abs showing. If you can break the habit of mediocrity, you won’t need to do a single ab circuit to get there either.

The trouble is, getting down to those smaller digits involves a little more work and all too often it is a little more than people can handle.

To get those abs you need to shift the focus from the gym (in fact you need to train LESS) and you need to focus more on the quality of your food.

It’s common sense!

As we go through the journey of losing body fat our idea of what is going to get us closer to our goal, needs to change constantly. What we did to lose the first few kgs isn’t going to be enough to get us to the next stage and so on.

I see it every day, people don’t manipulate their meals, but instead, manipulate their exercise volume. If you couple mediocre meals with a large training volume then you can understand why people plateau. Below is examples of what I call eating mediocrity:

It’s one thing to understand that eating vegetables will help you burn fat. But that doesn’t mean you can eat a side of crap with your vegetables and still get results... It doesn’t work that way.

Takeaway meals won't hurt me, will they?

After inspecting the food diaries of more than 50 clients per week, every week, I’ve found that most think that as long as their meals meet the guidelines of a nutritious meal, they will keep getting leaner. This is not the case. Sure, if you’ve come from a diet full of KFC and McDonalds, then yes, simply switching to a better choice of meal will kick-start your metabolism and help you lose body fat. What helped you start losing weight won't be the same as what will help you keep losing weight. 

Is the reward worth it?

Another example of mediocrity is rewarding yourself with a trip to the burger bar after a killer chest session. If you want those abs to pop then you need to change your mindset. Your body is screaming for nutrients after you exercise. It is not going to get that from fat and grease that you get at all restaurants. Even the ones who claim their food is healthy.

I can't be bothered with food prep!

The only way you know what is in your food is if you prep and cook it yourself. Again, it’s the common sense factor. Food prep is the only way you can systematically see what is going into your body. It’s the only way you can see if mediocrity is happening to you.

After inspecting Simon’s first food log around 16 weeks ago it was clear he was suffering from the same mediocrity. Simon told me he was “eating healthy” but also used the strategy of increasing his exercise.

He has done it for years but just couldn't seem to get those abs popping. 16 weeks on and the magic is clearly happening for him.

So over the last 16 weeks Simon has changed his way of thinking in terms of eating healthy and shifted the focus to eating towards his goals. To get lean, you need a reason to get lean. Simon's adherence to producing sufficient accurate data week after week has been second to none.

Key to his success!

This has been Simon's biggest key to success. He doesn't write down what I want see on his food diary's, he writes down exactly what he has eaten. Good or bad.

The best thing about this transformation is that Simon lives in Canada and trains with me through my online nutrition program, so he doesn't get the face to face interaction so many get. It just proves if you block out the noise, do the work that needs to be done, you can get those abs you crave sooner rather than later.

Dave :)

PS: Read Simon's full testimonial here 

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