An interview with Simon

(Program 1 week 1)

1. Where you were born and grew up?

I was born in Melbourne, Australia, the youngest of 4. I grew up in Glen Waverley, a South Eastern suburb of Victoria. I now live in British Columbia, Canada. 

2. What made you get into fitness? 

I naturally got in to fitness at a young age with the influence of my active parents, brother and sisters. I was roller skating and skateboarding at the age of 4. By age 8, I was playing basketball, football and training in gymnastics. Going in to my secondary school years at age 12, I excelled in gymnastics and it became my #1 focus. I trained 4 nights a week and competed at a state level for a number of years. My best achievement was winning the Level 6 Men’s Open Victorian Gymnastics Championships. This took a lot of hard training and discipline as well as finding a happy medium between training, school and other activities. Gymnastics for me was a personal challenge that kept me fit as a fiddle and taught me focus, discipline and body awareness. It also set a foundation for a basic understanding of health and fitness. 

3. What was your “snap point” – the point where you said, enough!! What made you sign up with us? 

The snap point for me had been brewing for a number of years. After my gymnastics days, the past 15 years had taken its toll on me. I began my career as a carpenter and my focus had shifted to mastering my craft. Fitness as well as sports went out the door. The tradesmen life took its toll and I found myself smoking, drinking and making poor food choices. I knew that I wasn’t looking after myself but kept my physique for some time until it slowly started to catch up with me. By age 34, I was looking and feeling sluggish.

While visiting my hometown of Melbourne for 7 weeks, spending most of that time going out to dinners and socializing, I was in the absolute worst shape of my life.  I remembered my late grandma’s wise words when she said, “Simon, the most important thing in your life is your health”. And there it was, my snap point. My grandmother was right and I knew I needed to make a change. I just didn’t know how to do it yet. I thought back to my gymnastics days and how great it felt to be in the best shape of my life. Maybe it could be possible again.

I caught up with some old friends close to the end of my travels and they began to tell me about this new transformation program they were involved in. It immediately sparked an interest in me so I started to ask questions and really inquire as to what it involved. From what I gathered, it was exactly what I needed. An education to look after your number one asset, your health! I saw first hand how my friends had an understanding of their food choices, exercise times and how easy it all was when you had the information and support at your fingertips. I was so excited that I had found this. It was meant to be. My friends introduced me to Dave Oulton, who is now my trainer. I was at the end of my 7-week trip, returning to Canada with very little money but I was determined not to let this opportunity pass me by. I signed up with Dave as soon as I got home and he began to train me online.

(Program 1 week 12)

4. What where the challenges you had to overcome on your journey?  

First and foremost, the key challenge I faced was socializing. Knowing how to socialize without drinking alcohol and making bad food choices when faced with these situations. With Dave’s guidance, he helped me to realize how important ALL of my food choices were. I made small improvements weekly that added up over time and focusing on my end goal pushed me to want to make the right choices.

Having the knowledge of what to order in a restaurant, combined with the focus of my end goal, I was able to make better food choices, limit my alcohol consumption and continue to socialize.

Other challenges I faced were managing food preparation, time management breaking bad habits.

Bad habits. I used to inhale a whole packet of chips to myself on a regular basis and smoke like a chimney. I feel like that was a lifetime ago. Now I found myself in the fruit and veg isle looking for the best price on peppers. LOL

I find all change has its challenges until I become used to it and understand what it is I am doing. As time passed, I became more familiar with the recipes and ingredients that make up a metabolically precise meal and it eventually became my daily routine. The time it took me to prepare and cook a meal diminished and I was able to spend that extra time doing other things.

I now like to create new challenges for myself in the gym and with food as I enjoy meeting those challenges and overcoming them, while feeling the benefit of great results.  

(Program 2 week 4)

5. What training tips for transformation would you give someone in your previous situation? 

My number one tip I have for anyone in my previous situation is to put the gym first and I mean FIRST! It’s incredibly easy to sacrifice gym time for so many reasons. You’re tired, having friends over, working late, etc. When I really thought about it, going to the gym would only take 1 hour out of my day, including travel time. I realized it was only a small fraction of my day and it was easy to balance this with the rest of my life. So I made it my number one priority every time. With this attitude, I never missed a gym session. So make it number one.

As for food, we always need to eat. So make sure you have the right food choices at hand so you don’t indulge in the wrong ones because you will if you are not prepared.

Everything else will fall into place, it always does. “The devil is in the details.” I am a finishing carpenter now, working on homes worth any where up to 50 million dollars. When building these mega homes, you need to focus on the finite details for a long period of time. The pay off is incredible and the satisfaction, achievement and results are outstanding. It all comes down to getting it right from the start, all the way to the finish, without cutting corners. That’s the only way to constructing a mega home.

The same goes for the training sessions we do each week and the nourishing food we choose to eat. They are a minute part of a big picture. If you miss or sacrifice any of these steps, the big picture will look much different. It all adds up, just like the mega home. As humans, we are so prone to instant gratification that we need to be patient to get great results. To get them, you need to achieve all of the small things, so make training and eating right a must, not a maybe in your daily habits. Trust me, it’s a recipe for success.

6. What was it like to train online with Dave, and how did he help you? 

Training with Dave was amazing. He was able to customize my nutrition and training and helped me create lasting results. What I like about Dave is he didn’t try to motivate me. He left that part up to me, creating accountability for my own actions. He was simply able to give me the information at the right time and make sure I was on the right track and fully understanding what I was learning. Someone can give you all the answers, but it’s still up to you to put it into practice. So the combo of a mentor like Dave and some self discipline, you can achieve excellence.

(Program 2 week 9)

7. What where the aspects you enjoy/ like about Metabolic Precision? 

What I like most about this program was that it covered everything I needed to achieve optimum health. No guess work. I gained an education to be able to achieve the body I’ve always wanted, at my own pace. I was captured with a saying at the beginning of my program “Give a man a fish and feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”. This ring’s true because after learning the education of the program, I personally construct metabolically precise meals, exercise accordingly and record my results with conviction.

I also enjoyed learning the right things at precisely the right time at a great pace that allowed me to understand and grasp what I needed to do. Adding small changes and improving my program along the way, it made it manageable to integrate into daily life.

This has truly helped me in all aspects of my life and I can fully feel the benefits of leading a healthy, sustainable life.  

8. How has this program helped you where you may have failed or got it wrong in the past? 

It's helped with all aspects of constructing a healthy lifestyle. Most people, including my self are self-educated about health through the media or friends. We all conclude our own versions of healthy living but no one really knows the truth. We tend to follow trends that lead us to dead ends. And that’s where this program comes in.  An easy approach to health and fitness, that clears up the myths and guess work for you so you can put more time in to getting it right from the start and getting faster results. Learning from one scientifically reliable source clears up the guesswork and contradictory opinions from gaining information from multiple sources. This helped me tremendously.

Provide a brief example of a workout that achieved your amazing results.  

Example of a workout would be as follows:

15 minutes before my work out at 4:45, I would drink a high active carbohydrate and Whey protein supplement.

Living close to the gym, I was able to start my workout by 5:00, knowing the muscle group I had chosen to work on that night. Using my diary to track my recordings, I would review my previous work out weight and start with the 1st exercise.


-Chest bench-presses. Follow the warm up protocol.

-Do 2 working sets for bench press.

-Move to incline dumbbell bench press with one warm up set, two working sets.

-Weighted dips with one warm up, two working sets

-Finish with an abs work out, consistent with one warm up and two working sets.

I’d complete my session around 5:30, drink a high-energy carbohydrate and whey protein supplement on my drive home. I would then prepare some dinner about an hour later, followed by a tasty desert: “The right carb choices at the right times”.   

What is your favourite recipe/meal? 

My go to is the legendary beef chilli as it’s easy to make, affordable and of course, tasty. I throw the ingredients in the slow cooker and it cooks all day while I am at work. I get home and it’s all ready for me, giving me a little extra time in the evening. I often freeze the chilli as a back up meal for those times when I am on the go. You can also simply add rice to this dish.

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