3x things you should know about Pete Brown

3x things that people keep asking me about Pete Brown: 

  1. Should I be doing the same amount of Low Intensity Activity as Pete? (He currently does 5x 25 min LIA’s per week)
  2. Should I be eating as much veg as Pete? (He currently eats 5x cups of veg in every meal - 30 cups a day)
  3. Should I be eating sweet potato after training instead of bread/oats/muesli/insert your favourite carbs here? (He’s currently having sweet potato in both of his post-workout meals)


“Unfortunately I can't answer that. Unless everything has been documented down to the tiniest little detail, it’s impossible to know where you need to improve. Everything Pete has done has been built up in tiny little increments. It’s not what he’s doing NOW that gave him this result, it’s what he STOPPED doing six months ago.”

When it comes to data collection, the information is only useful when it’s accurate and consistent. It’s patterns in the data that make the biggest difference (the forest), not the nitty gritty details (the trees). 

Unfortunately you can’t improve what hasn’t been documented, and if you’ve hit a plateau or gone backwards, it’s usually what you didn’t write down (or didn’t send to your trainer) that matters most.

Fifteen months of hard work has paid off for Pete

If you’re just starting out on your journey, the worst thing you can do is worry about what others are doing, or compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 12.

Instead, aim to be the type of client that documents the whole entire journey. Not only will you give your trainer the best opportunity to provide you with your next steps, but it’ll make one hell of a story. ;)

Trish xxoo

PS: You can read more about Pete by clicking here

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